Tuesday, April 13, 2010

10 things

Copying Pip who is playing along with Pip

1) I have owned a total of seven deadly snakes over the past ten years all named as some variation of "erbert" i.e. Herbert and Sherbert. Actually, those were the only two names I could think of so I rotated.

2) I never wear the Colour Purple because I have a morbid fear of Oprah Winfrey

3) I believe the earwigs are made out of real ears

4) The most mini muffins I ever ate were 7.

5) I have a 7 inch scar on my calf from when I was attached by a rabid armadillo

6) I still like armadillos. Smoothe on the outside, crunchy on the inside.

7) I can fit both of my fists in my mouth at once.

8) My brother invented the little plastic ring seal around bottles that attaches to the cap to ensure your beverage has not been tampered with

9) I once ate a bee. For a dare.

10) None of the above is true.

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