Wednesday, March 17, 2010


As soon as I feel like I've made a break through with lots of exercise and healthy eating (you know, actually getting out of bed at a reasonable hour and not just sitting down to eat toasted sandwhiches) I get sick.

After one little trip into work today I plan to come home and sleep the day away.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

30 Day(ish) Yoga Challenge

I love giving myself tasks with time limits. To me, it's up there with writing lists and colour-coding spreadsheets.

Heather over at Hangy Pants just completed her Yoga Month. I just came back from my usual Sunday yoga class and I think I'm gain to follow in her footsteps until the end of March.

Yoga Yak has some free yoga downloads that I have done before, which are easy to follow and nice and short.

Anyone else in?

FYI Today's class was not as difficult as I thought. I was feeling a bit out of sorts but felt strong a flexible, nice. Following it up with a spa and sauna with one of my favourite ladies + giant chicken salad and arguably the world's best hot chocolate didn't hurt, either.

Friday, March 5, 2010


I'm considering 365 inspired by the gorgeous Coreena, whom I discovered through fuckyeahchubbygirls, my latest obsession.

1) I'm completely narcissistic. I'm not ashamed to admin that I cannot walk past a window on the street without checking out my own reflection. Not that I'm always pleased with what I see, I just can't help myself. 2) I'm been wanting to get my shit together and start flexing my photography muscle again. Did you know I was accepted into art school on the basis of wanting to study photography? I told them to shove it. 3) I clearly need even more thing to do in my life, you know with my millions of hours of free time.

I'll give this some thought.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back from nowhere in particular

I have tried fashion and food blogging, travel blogging, interior design blogging, budget blogging - an more. I think that list gives you a pretty good idea of who I am, or rather who I'm not. And that's someone who has any clue as that what she's doing.

I do however, love bunnies and one day hope to live in a house where I can have two little fluffy house bunnies called Bob and Weasel. Or one giant one, called SPIFF.